Health Tips

When to keep your child home from school:
- If your child is unable to participate fully in school activities because of illness
- When your child has a contagious condition or a rash with an unknown cause
- When your child has had a fever of 100°F or more within the last 24 hours when not taking fever-reducing medications
- If your child has had vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours or is unable to eat normally
- If your child has been diagnosed with strep throat and has not been taking antibiotic medication       or at least 24 hours
- If your child requires medication for fever or ongoing pain relief
- If your child has red/pink eyes with drainage
- If your child has chicken pox, he or she must stay home until all lesions have scabbed over
- If your child has active head lice he or she must be treated and be seen by the school nurse prior to returning to school

Please contact the school nurse when:
- Your child's health status has changed
- Your child has had a recent serious illness, injury, surgery or hospitalization
- Your child has been diagnosed with a contagious condition such as: strep throat, chicken pox,        whooping cough, head lice, scabies, flu, coxsackie virus
- Your child will be late to school or absent 
- Your child cannot participate fully in Physical Education or recess
- There are family changes or other concerns that may affect your child in school